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Laser engraved mementos with QR codes

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timecapsule wooden and steel laser engraved products

What are timecapsules?

These aren’t little boxes that you bury in the ground, but timecapsules still have precious memories associated with them. By having a QR code, laser engraved onto these stainless steel plaques, you can make these timecapsules unique and special. They allow you to link any physical object to the digital world.

Where can they point to?

These QR codes can point to any location on the internet. Normal QR codes are static, which means they can only point to one digital destination, but we allow you to change the URL anytime you’d like. This gives you control of where your QR code points to, ultimately controlling what memories your timecapsule will contain.

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Linking Physical Mementos to Priceless Memories

Where can you put them?

There are endless places to put your timecapsule memorials. Here are just a few examples to get your mind flowing with ideas.

wood grain qr code plaque on mantle

On a mantle

timecapsule qr code plaque on playground swings



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How it works

personalized timecapsuel qr code plaque
hand placing timecapsule qr code plaque on a wooden fence
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