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What are these Timecapsules?

We all have memories to record or share. Now we can save them forever inside something more meaningful. These timecapsule products are physical objects that can be customized for you or your loved one. You get to place in them digital memories that define moments in your life. Our Timecapsule software allows you to build any memory you have, which can be access through our laser engraved QR codes.

Timecapsules for the Future and the Past

Create memories for the future.

Create priceless memories for your loved ones and schedule them to be released at moments in the future. These physical Timecapsules will be the way to deliver your digital memories, which will be accessed through a QR code or NFC chip.

timecapsule wooden and steel laser engraved products
Stainless Steel QR Code Plaque on Piano

Remember the Past

These timecapsules can also be used to remember a previous loved one’s life. Create memories about a specific person, pet, or anything else that is meaningful. Our Timecapsule software allows you to save any kind of memory.

What these Timecapsules Can Do


Memories are based around the stories you share.


Choose photos to upload from your photo library on your phone or computer.


Easily Embed videos from Youtube. Direct video upload coming soon!

Image Gallery

Beautiful image galleries that bring your stories to life.


Dynamically redirect any memory to already existing external URL’s.


Upload common formats of audio files to your memories

We are constantly adding in new features that help make these Timecapsules truly remarkable.

Business Dashboard

Tools for your business to create and sell your own Timecapsules

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