Subscription Details

There are different subscription options you can choose from for your Timecapsule. This page talks about what those options are and why we need to have subscriptions to keep Timecapsule running.

Why do we need to have a subscription?

Timecapsule deals with the physical world as well as the digital, and unfortunately there are some hard costs when it comes to storing and retrieving data over the cloud. The cost for the subscription helps to pay for hosting so we can continue to support the product and keep your memorial website and memories up and running.

What are your different subscription plans?

We offer our standard Timecapsule plan, which can be paid monthly or annually. We also have implemented a free modal plan that will give you some limited features and data storage for your Timecapsule. We want to make sure that whenever someone scans your QR code, it will always have a place to go to that will represent whoever or whatever you are memorializing.

What if I want to cancel?

If you are on one of the paid plans and wish to cancel, you can do within your account settings. It will actually just downgrade you to the free plan. This way your QR code will still have a place to direct to when scanned.

What happens if I buy from your website?

Any products that you can buy directly from will come already with a free year of hosting for your Timecapsule. You will then be charged the monthly or annual fee after your first year.

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